12 July 2011

With a starry brush, paint the dusk venetian blue

Well I decided its time for people to get to know my desk mates for the first time.  I have been stationary in my job for almost two years now.  I started September 8th 2009, and I have no further plans as of now for change.  So with small purchases and stocking stuffers my desk has been spruced up enough for me to at least crack a smile every now and again from the little buddies hanging around.

Lets start from left to right.  On the left I have a photo gallerium of my dating days with my wife.  We haven't printed new pictures yet, but the nostalgia that these photos produce is still worth having them on my desk.   Eventually I would love to exchange that for an electronic picture frame so I could have more photos with me.

Next up we have the quote of the day office calendar.  I love that series.  My wife and I have watched they first six seasons 5 times through beginning to end.  It can always lead to people asking if its appropriate to have at my desk until they read a quote and walk away laughing.  Almost everyone here can appreciate the series.

Next on the list we have our desktop dart board complete with magnetic darts.  Its rather entertaining to have someone walk over and start trying to play a quick game with me between calls, until of course I start getting too many calls or when they realize they burned a good five minutes standing by my desk.

And then we have the dead Fred pen holder.  People steal my pens.  Whether they mean to or not it happens quite frequently.  So I brought in my own gel pen since it seems that no one here appreciates how much darker a gel pen writes.   This is also insurance for my pen since no one really likes it.  Secondly I have a special pen holder which would make someone take a conscious effort to remove my pen.  Plus its good stress relief when I get frustrated with people to stab the little Guy over and over with my pen.

Panning right on my L shaped desk I have my Lego calendar.   No I have no need for two calendars, but the fact that I was a Lego fiend as a child doesn't help much. I love building this every month and often times people have to swing by the cubicle just to see how it looks this month. Lastly we have the dismember me zombie plushie. He is a gag to have at the desk. People can't figure out why there are extra parts just lying around my speakers until I pull him out and show them the grotesque display of internals strewn across the desk. Rather entertaining if I do say so myself.

11 July 2011

Biking to work

Well as you know I bike to work everyday for the most part.  So much money on gas has been saved.  Its been about two full months now and I feel so much better about my day when I roll in to work.  The bike to work month was rather difficult due to weather issues but June and July have been wonderful. 

For the most part I felt like updating for the first time in a long time.  Things are always fluctuating like normal.  We have our ups and Downs but I think that is just how our lives are supposed to be.