18 January 2012


You are reading this post on a site that will be shut down if SOPA/PIPA passes.

I myself believe in the freedom of Speech and Press.  Honestly I thought that our own government was founded on that exact freedom.  But what PIPA and SOPA want to do is stifle my rights in this very country.  Last I Checked I am not in Communist China, or North Korea where if I don't cry convincingly enough at the death of a WRETCHED DICTATOR I will be put to 6 months of hard manual labor.  The impending doom of SOPA looming over head I feel as though I am being shut out from thousands of important things.  I research constantly online, and without that I am shut down from obtaining new knowledge.  My Technical Skills will be stopped, my music, movies, ETC will all come to a halt because some idiots somewhere feel its their right to block me a free person from doing the things I am privileged to do here in the USA.  For Freedom I stand and it seems that MORONS who run the Government don't even understand how HORRIBLE this is.  This is Heresy and I think that we need to stand more together than we already are and shut down this atrocity.

If I am a bit opinionated on this topic its because I have been following the Act since it was announced in October, I have done as many measures possible to stop this from happening.  But people out here on the web are completely blind and they need to Open Their Eyes and see how horrifying the future would be without this important asset to our society.  WAKE UP we need to rattle the cages of all these BLIND FOOLS and get out there and stop this from happening.  

Take action sign the Petion


10 January 2012

A Post for the Morbidly O-Geeks

Once again I am here posting up some more info on my tablet.  I am extremely jealous of my wife.  I got her the ViewSonic G Tablet, and I flashed a custom ROM over to it.  It came Pre-Stock with Froyo, and some crazy homemade interface... so I flashed "Flashback" Honeycomb 3.0.1 custom ROM onto it and it runs like a dream.  She loves the device, and naturally she uses it all the time.  I am still using the same little guy I talked about last time.  The Velocity Cruz T103 from Borders.  I like the tablet, and it has a lot of potential.

Upon further research though I have stumbled onto some very important information on it.  It is running the JZ4760 MiPS processor, and many of the developers of apps don't write their code to run with MiPS, they only focus on ARM based Processors... and it means no Netflix, Flash, or Angry Birds.  Recently though a Chinese company called "Ainovo" made the Novo 7.  It is the first Ice Cream Sandwich (Aka Android 4.0) Tablet and it costs $99.00 USD.  Amazing steal for a 7 inch tablet, but once again it runs MiPS so many apps aren't supported yet.

Having said that I am sure the "Yet" will be resolved soon once the consumers purchase more of these tablets.  They aren't that bad, I won't buy one myself because I am looking into a 10 inch tablet myself now that I have had a 7 inch tablet.  Screen size matters to me... I love my 24 Inch Monitor on my desktop, and at work I have dual Monitors that are both 22 Inches.  So yes I love larger displays, and I love Widescreen display.

Anyway from that side note I won't complain about apps since it isn't androids fault, its the developers who don't make their apps available to all.  Also I have noticed many of the Devs out there hate responding to people when they make requests for an application to be ported to work for a device.  Netflix has made it seemingly impossible to contact, oh well though.

From there today Steven J Hill released the first ever custom ROM for a Velocity Micro Tablet (I emphasize tablet because there has been one out for the reader for a long time now)  Sadly the Rom is only for the T301 Series, which means I have to wait a little bit longer to get one for my tablet... but his Rom comes with a custom Kernel, and all the bloatware removed.  That is pretty exciting for anyone out there who wants more from the tablet they originally purchased.  I wouldn't suggest it for the faint of heart because there can be bugs.  As of yet it hasn't been tested enough to find out if there are any.  Here is a link to the Rom if anyone is interested in checking it out.  Also if you aren't using Slate Droid and you have a tablet, I highly recommend using it.  My ID Tag is "FeyerBrand" so feel free to look me up there.

From there I haven't had much of anything else going on in life, just the usual job.  My computer is now running on a laptop hard drive because mine crashed, so my music writing has been postponed until I find an alternative for recording music.  I will keep you posted on Fake Safety Tips progress though, and also A Paper Heart Parade is currently working on a song also.  Once the Hard Drive issue is remedied you will hear more news about that.

Oh and I made an About.Me profile.  Feel free to read up on my personal Bio My About.Me  On this Bio you will find likes to my Facebook, Twitter, and other social media out there.  Happy Creeping!