23 May 2011

I want to Ride my Bicycle

Well today Drew said he wanted to get out and ride some bikes. So below I have posted up some group pictures of the complimentary beach house Cruisers. We also took pictures of local art and of Course the Yaquina Head lighthouse. That light house is the same that was featured in the Feature Film "The Ring". Of course they CG'd the buildings and barn found in the film, but the amazing lighthouse is still the same building. Secondly that is the largest Lighthouse found in Oregon. Mind you that is according to my knowledge which might be a bit flawed.

But the cruisers were some old style huffys with worn down seats. mine included a Tire that needed to be Trued (Aka it was bent like none other and you couldn't even figure out how it didn't manage to pop while I rode it) And Drew's bike had the most atrocious noise made by his fender. It was classic as we rolled down to the coffee shop and sipped some cocoas in the brisk 11 in the morning air in Oregon. Visiting the sites for about a half an hour we rolled on home. I would have to say that today was a rather eventful day.

Kite Flying

I figured I would get some Photos of our kite adventure posted to the blog so you at home or around the world can enjoy the little time we spent on the Beach. I picked up a newer type of Kite when we visited Oregon when I was a kid. My dad and I both kinda flew them and got into them. It was pretty hard to get started out, but I have the hang of it now. Mind you I am no professional but I can say I really enjoy flying stunt kites.

In these images you will see Aubrey, Debbie, Drew and Myself. All new additions to my family and I really have enjoyed the time we have spent
together this trip =].

If you want to see some of the photos in larger format I can upload them elsewhere so you can see some of the colors that we have going on. The beach is beautiful, and the skies have been so clear for us that today we even went swimming in the frozen Pacific Ocean. I would have to say though that the Pacific is my favorite if it came down to having a choice.

Anyway I am about to post another blog of our little bike ride this morning. So as I said earlier if
you want any more info, of photos just comment below and I will respond as swiftly as my phone will allow me to =] Godspeed and enjoy your wonderful week everyone!

12 May 2011

Biking to work

So the month of May is National Bike to Work month. It focuses on saving gas, energy, and keeping our united states citizens healthy since we are a rich and fat people who get lazy because we are used to our perks that we have such as cars, and electronics. Don't get me wrong I love having these little benefits in life but excessive amounts of these little pleasures soon take over and we lose who we as humans are.

Any whom, I have almost biked to work 70% of this month, sadly a little speed bump of rain and snow made it hard to get 100%. But my goal is to get up to 90% by the end of the month. We will see how I do, since vacation is going to cut into my percentages. That actually makes it a bit easier also cause the weather forecast says it should be semi cold in Idaho while we are sitting in the already semi chilled Oregon Coast.

I will post up pics when I am done with the bike to work month. I got a participants t-shirt and a reflector that gets discounts to local businesses that are participating in the event. So if you have a bike and are willing to take a bit more out of your day, make sure your business is participating and you can get some free stuff also =]

05 May 2011

ISU Destroys Dreams

I would have to say that I thought I was coping with this whole debt issue and the semester problems that were going on. But nope. I just realized that I can't afford to get my wife anything for the next 2 years. Idaho State University is by far the worst joke of a school that I have stepped foot in. Its upsetting that I now have an ensured future of working in a dead end call center job for the next 2 or more years depending on how much of my paychecks I can scrape out to give to that school.