09 March 2012

OnLive will save us all

Hello everyone,

It has been a while and I figured you deserve an update in my life.  First off It is March so I (Meaning Fake Safety Tips) have started a March Madness: Battle of the Bands.  Not many people have participated, but it is bringing people to visit our band page.  We have gone up a total of 22300% (according to Facebook) of unique visitors daily.  That means that every one person visiting is 100% more than yesterday.  That is really good and bad.  It means that A: no one has ever visited our page even our friends and B:People just don't give a crap about my music (And yes this also means that my very own family Mother, Father, Sisters, ETC haven't even so much as opened the links to my band page in the past 6 months) .  How do I know all this?  Facebook made it so people with pages can see unique visitors with stats.  Also our page looks much cooler now and we have an official band page.  You should check the link =]

Fake Safety Tips Band Page

And here is the new Timeline that Facebook has included for us if you haven't liked the band please do so, we need more fans so Cid and I know if it is worth it to produce our second album or not.

Fake Safety Tips Timeline

Lastly Vote on our March Madness.  I can tell if you read my blog and if you click our pages cause the Internet is awesome and lets people stalk other people and be super creepy and find out every statistic (I even know whether you guys use Windows/Mac/Android/iOS/Linux and what kind of browser you used to view this page.  Also I know if you used a link from someone's blog to stalk into mine =])  So aside from the Internet being super creepy, and the fact that our band is struggling to get a fan base I have other news.

I got my OnLive controller today.  Its pretty awesome.  If you see in the picture I posted my old little 2 year old HP netbook with a crappy processor and graphics card can run Tier 1 video games thanks to the online service OnLive.com.  They allow you to stream the video game from their super awesome servers onto old devices to play amazing games without having to do hardware updates.  This means my capability to build ultimate gaming PCs is almost rendered useless.  you can go to the DI an buy some junk PC for 50 bucks, get a good bandwidth ISP, and rock out Assassin's Creed Revelations on it without a problem.  That is pretty sweet.  All you have to do is buy the game on their servers.

Also this saves money.  I have a Wii.  Its pretty awesome, but soon games will stop being made for it and they will go strictly to the Wii-U.  But with OnLive, as long as I have something that is connected to the Internet (Android tablet, Android Phone, Smart TV, ETC) I can play my games.  And to make it even more universal OnLive has created a universal remote control (Featured in the picture I included on the Blog)  You can literally hook it up to all your devices and have a seamless interaction with the gaming world.  Lastly there is no install time.  Okay that is a lie there is a 30 second install time to get the app installed on the desktop to launch the games, but besides that you get the perfect setup.  The only downside to OnLive is no support for iPad (which doesn't bother me iPads can suck it ((not to upset you apple lovers out there))) or Linux... which blows, oh well though.

Yup that is my 11" laptop with the amazing OnLive controller.  Pretty awesome right?

Next up on my list I have been working on a new color pencil drawing.  I think it looks like it is going well, I posted a pic on my Facebook the other day but I don't know how many people Facebook stalk me or Blog stalk me, so here is the pic I posted

Her hair is mostly done now, and I added loads more shading.  I think she will be finished in the next couple of weeks.  Its pretty difficult doing colored pencil art, and my style isn't much appreciated, but that is life. 

Last on the docket is my about.me page is doing really well.  If you guys out here want to know what my projects are but don't want to waste the time searching through my horrific blog posts (You entered the mind of a psychopath if you have read my blog) than you could just direct yourself to my page and read up on my current projects =]  I will include a link below

Thank you for reading up on me and seeing how I am doing, I figured if I don't get you updates quick enough I will at least fill you in on a monthly basis.