04 February 2011

Bad Moon on the Rise

So here we go again. Day two of horrible events that are making life just that much more difficult. I am told that the reason why I had my loans taken off was due to not satisfactory academic achievement and now I have to pay them all the loan's back, pell grant, and any extra that was given to me. So I have to go apply for a loan from the bank today.... I hope that I at least get some sort of assistance from them. Secondly as I climb out of my house to drive off to work, I was doing just fine... life was feeling ok even though there is a problem with money. I hop in my car, crank it over, sit there for a minute to warm up, and then I try to drive away. Flat tire. Thats right a flat tire.

Now I have to go to the bank apply for a loan, get my tires replaced, and try to find out what to do with money situations. The best part of the story is I work at 10:00... I had to call in so there is money lost when I can't go to work. Its like either A) life hates me B) God wants to teach me something or C) I just have the worst luck. I am assuming its all of the above.

Any way I am just kinda tired of trial after trial right now, its like somehow my plans in life are not coming out right and there is a lot of weight on my shoulders that I don't know how to fix it right now.

03 February 2011


So here we go onto a trip and a story of my life and the world of money. I hate money. I think it is retarded and only causes fights, problems, and stress. Look at all the good that comes from money. We have people that fight and kill just to get more. Those with more money act like they rule the world. Lastly when one is short on money for something their life goes in shambles and they become desperate to find out a solution. This can lead to serious consequence.

Don't get me wrong I am doing well financially. I am stable and able to pay my bills and still collect savings. The Problem with my finances is my schooling right now. This is the most redundant school that I have attended... I understand I am partial to blame.

Last semester wasn't my best semester at the school I am attending. I had a rough time studying and I fell ill for the first two weeks of classes and I even had to call in sick to work for almost the whole period I was ill. So my grades sank no matter what I tried. My classes were based on attendance and missing over 6 days in each class resulted in my grade going from an A to a C.... so even after trying to do makeup homework my grades weren't passing... I failed it out.
now this is where it gets bad. I apply for the spring semester and the school says I have to file for academic Probation to improve study habits. I agree and pass the test to reapply for classes in the spring. Everything went fine. I was approved for my loans, I got a change check. All was paid for, books were ok and I felt comfortable. Well I then review my finances tab on our internal College website and it claims that I owed fifteen hundred dollars. I review the reason why. The pell grant that I was given and that had already been cut in a check they claimed that I needed to pay it back. Ok I understand if I didn't have satisfactory grades for a pell grant then they shouldn't have approved a pell grant and cut the check in the first place. Luckily I had all the money stored in savings.

Here is the catch. Even though I had all this approved and I was clear for the loans, today they rebuked my loans and say I owe over 6K.... 6K! I don't have that money, not even per semester does it cost 6K.... where am I supposed to come up with the money for this problem. Next on my hate is my phone is dead so I can't even call to find out what is going on in the finances office of the campus. So I have to wait until I get to a charger after my classes, but with my cramped schedule I have no free time. I am either studying, or working 32 hours a week. Combined with studying, school, and work I have roughly 20 hours a week to myself. Of these 20 hours I can't be selfish because I also like to spend time with my wife, so I dedicate at least 10 of these hours to her. That leaves me with 10 hours in a 7 day week. That is just a little more than 1 hour a day. This hour normally is at about 11 PM. EVERYTHING IS CLOSED.
I am so frustrated right now cause this means that I have to take time off work to find out why my college is trying to screw me over financially and mess up my credit score. I wish that money didn't exist and that I didn't have to fret about these problems. I already have a huge workload as it is....