04 February 2011

Bad Moon on the Rise

So here we go again. Day two of horrible events that are making life just that much more difficult. I am told that the reason why I had my loans taken off was due to not satisfactory academic achievement and now I have to pay them all the loan's back, pell grant, and any extra that was given to me. So I have to go apply for a loan from the bank today.... I hope that I at least get some sort of assistance from them. Secondly as I climb out of my house to drive off to work, I was doing just fine... life was feeling ok even though there is a problem with money. I hop in my car, crank it over, sit there for a minute to warm up, and then I try to drive away. Flat tire. Thats right a flat tire.

Now I have to go to the bank apply for a loan, get my tires replaced, and try to find out what to do with money situations. The best part of the story is I work at 10:00... I had to call in so there is money lost when I can't go to work. Its like either A) life hates me B) God wants to teach me something or C) I just have the worst luck. I am assuming its all of the above.

Any way I am just kinda tired of trial after trial right now, its like somehow my plans in life are not coming out right and there is a lot of weight on my shoulders that I don't know how to fix it right now.