15 March 2011

I never Blog :)

well my wife looks at me and says "You never blog". Yup its true. I don't blog haha. So I am going to try and do a post of how I have been dealing with stress lately. We decided to move into a new place. Thats kinda cool. I like having a new feeling to situations. Getting away from our psycho upstairs neighbors that only yelled at their 4 month old baby rather than actually trying to help it stop crying (IE. holding the baby, feeding the baby, or talking to the baby). We are now moving into a place that has two bedrooms for space. NO AUBREY IS NOT PREGNANT. Its merely a space factor. We have way too many toys for a newly wed couple ranging from an Alien Ware computer to a flat screen TV. So of course we have to have the space to be able to live comfortably. Hence the new two bedroom place.

Its amazing and beautiful. We got the place painted in 3 days time. We had help from our old ward, and misc. Missionaries. It was kinda chaotic cause most of them didn't know what they were doing. Then we had Tod Olsen, and Aubrey's mom just step in and finish up trims and doors the following day. It was most enjoyable for I found that both Aubrey and I watched about 9 movies in those two days while painting. After said event we then moved onto pack.

As for the packing it was nuts. Aubrey had most of the house packed and we then rented a U-Haul and got most of the equipment moved over. Then on Sunday my parents helped us pack up the rest of the little things to move it into the new place. Now we are buried in boxes and are trying to find out what belong where. I myself have the daunting task of the kitchen articles. I feel a bit overwhelmed but that is life isn't it? As for the life itself its treating me happily.

We got two little hamsters that are completely adorable. They are called "Robos" which is a Russian dwarf hamster. They are named lemony snicket and chuck palahniuk. They are little rambunctious creatures that decided to dump their whole water bottle out in their cage yesterday and poor Aubrey had to try to clean the hamster cage for the first time in her life yesterday. She had a tough time catching the little guys and putting them into the hamster balls. She was very stressy that they were going to get sick and die. They are okay now and they have official made their little house under the bedding and enjoy sleeping during the day and running in the wheel at night.

As for me I am still working on writing. I had writers block for a bit and couldn't figure out how to word the next section of the story. I do have 4 chapters completed and a couple people have read through them though. I hope to get the first book done by December.

And as for Fake Safety Tips its on hold until the recording studio can be set back up again since the move has made impossible to try and get a Mic and guitar set up. But please do feel free to continue supporting us we do have future music coming out soon!