22 March 2011

Here I am again

Well here I am blogging again. I don't much enjoy writing but I might as well have some form of Journal in my life since I was told that its important that I do it. Any whom, life has been going as normal. My job hasn't changed, no one is really doing anything different here, and life is getting quiet.

The past few days we have been watching Aubrey's brothers dogs at his girlfriends house. OMG they have this evil demon dog. It runs around and eats everything that we own. It destroyed my pajamas, Under Armour, and Shoes.... I don't know what on earth they do to train it, but it isn't learning anything at all.

Any whom, we also had a nice get away to Salt Lake. We had a nice hotel stay, and we were able to visit the zoo. I love the zoo and I know pretty much anyone else does too. I want some of the little cats of the zoo though, they looked like house cats and leopards mixed together, that would be so awesome to come home too!

Well as for now I just kinda sit at work and try to ignore the awkward conversations of my coworkers. Soon it will be quiet enough that I can write a bit on my story.