23 May 2011

Kite Flying

I figured I would get some Photos of our kite adventure posted to the blog so you at home or around the world can enjoy the little time we spent on the Beach. I picked up a newer type of Kite when we visited Oregon when I was a kid. My dad and I both kinda flew them and got into them. It was pretty hard to get started out, but I have the hang of it now. Mind you I am no professional but I can say I really enjoy flying stunt kites.

In these images you will see Aubrey, Debbie, Drew and Myself. All new additions to my family and I really have enjoyed the time we have spent
together this trip =].

If you want to see some of the photos in larger format I can upload them elsewhere so you can see some of the colors that we have going on. The beach is beautiful, and the skies have been so clear for us that today we even went swimming in the frozen Pacific Ocean. I would have to say though that the Pacific is my favorite if it came down to having a choice.

Anyway I am about to post another blog of our little bike ride this morning. So as I said earlier if
you want any more info, of photos just comment below and I will respond as swiftly as my phone will allow me to =] Godspeed and enjoy your wonderful week everyone!