18 January 2012


You are reading this post on a site that will be shut down if SOPA/PIPA passes.

I myself believe in the freedom of Speech and Press.  Honestly I thought that our own government was founded on that exact freedom.  But what PIPA and SOPA want to do is stifle my rights in this very country.  Last I Checked I am not in Communist China, or North Korea where if I don't cry convincingly enough at the death of a WRETCHED DICTATOR I will be put to 6 months of hard manual labor.  The impending doom of SOPA looming over head I feel as though I am being shut out from thousands of important things.  I research constantly online, and without that I am shut down from obtaining new knowledge.  My Technical Skills will be stopped, my music, movies, ETC will all come to a halt because some idiots somewhere feel its their right to block me a free person from doing the things I am privileged to do here in the USA.  For Freedom I stand and it seems that MORONS who run the Government don't even understand how HORRIBLE this is.  This is Heresy and I think that we need to stand more together than we already are and shut down this atrocity.

If I am a bit opinionated on this topic its because I have been following the Act since it was announced in October, I have done as many measures possible to stop this from happening.  But people out here on the web are completely blind and they need to Open Their Eyes and see how horrifying the future would be without this important asset to our society.  WAKE UP we need to rattle the cages of all these BLIND FOOLS and get out there and stop this from happening.  

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