06 September 2011

Christmas in September???

Well I haven't posted for a while so I will post a more technical post this week.  It has been a rather enjoyable "Christmas Like" Weekend.  On Friday I was able to obtain a piano from a friend named Holly.  I haven't missed a day of playing since it entered our tiny apartment.  it nestles up in our kitchen and almost makes the spacious room seem cramped, but it is well worth the space to get my creative flow working.

Secondly I have a tablet that seems a bit outdated now.  It is the first generations of "MID" [meaning Mobile Internet Device] so it sadly weighs around 1.6 LBS which is hefty for a tablet, and it was stuck with Eclair 2.0 Android ROM.  Now for any of you who know anything about Android operating systems you know that is outdated.  For those you don't have a clue what I am talking about let me give you a break down.

Android consists of different versions of the operating system.  Its like Windows or Mac [and for the techies like me Linux].  They have had different versions of the OS[Operating System] available since the first release to today.  The older the OS the worse the operating system ran.  So for Example if you were to sit down at a PC with Windows 7 installed and mess around for a bit and get used to the operating system and the look and feel of the computer, and then someone were to pull out an old white chunky box that ran windows 95 you would hate the old machine and rather want the newer one for its capabilities.
Here is the old windows 95 Computer [sorry I couldn't find a picture of a real life one so enjoy the google image searched one =D ]

Here is the windows 7 Beastly Alienware computers of awesomeness.

Like Mac fans out there, if you Remember the old computer that was combined with the monitor that ran I can't even remember the name of the device.  It was not even called a "Mac" back them but an "Apple" or "Macintosh" [not a single person now days even calls them Macintosh thats too long of a name] verses the new hip and loved devices that society has embraced and deemed "You aren't cool unless you own a Mac" or if you enter any major production studios [Film, Music, Art, ETC] there will always be a mac present.

Old School garbage Mac

New age weighs nothing smooth Macbook
And I am sure you think I am rambling and posting garbage info, well its your fault for reading my blog.  Any whom the point boils down that my poor tablet was running an outdated version of the OS. Here is a list of android operating systems so you can become familiarized with the names and why this is important

1.5 Cupcake
1.6 Donut
2.0, 2.1 Eclair
2.2 Froyo [Frozen Yogurt]
2.3 Gingerbread
2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich [not yet released]

well my device came with Eclair 2.0.  This operating system didn't support anything. Also another issue is my  processor on the tab is known as "MIPS" which isn't the standard for tablets and phones with the android OS.  So that means I don't get Adobe Flash due to a non supported platform, and Netflix won't even think about making a port because they are Netflix.  But I couldn't even access the Google Market because Velocity Micro didn't make support for the OS and submit the info to Google to have them give us access.

Well this boils down finally to my point.  Velocity Micro finally released 2.2 Froyo for my device, and with the update I was able to follow the step by step guide on www.slatedroid.com to Root my device [which gives me super user commands and also the ability to work around the firmware, and OS]  and of course GET THE GOOGLE MARKET WORKING!  I was so excited I downloaded at least 40 apps within the first hour.  So now I am living a bit more in the fancy life with my tablet.  Though as stated its still a MIPS processor which means still no Adobe Flash, Adobe Air, or Netflix, but I am one step closer to having a semi normal Tablet instead of people mocking it as a good paper weight.
Velocity Cruz T103
And lastly I finally got a new Power Supply for my computer due to a radiator leak which burned out my old one.  Well I have a new Radiator and a new power supply so I am back up to gaming.  I just got Deus Ex Human Revolutions.  If you Haven't Heard of the Deus Ex [God Like] series you are completely missing out.  CHECK IT OUT NOW AND BUY THE GAME.  Its completely epic and I love it to death.  Part 3 is more like a part 0 so you can understand the original story "better".  Personally I think it was just a desire to make a new CyberPunk game.

Here is the Cover of the PC Game
Also I got F.E.A.R. 3.  Another classic series. Though I do have to warn this is a horror game and isn't made for the feint of heart, I would have to say I am an addict.  Oh how I remember staying up til 3 in the morning playing the game just to get it over so I didn't have nightmares.  Now I am onto part three and I still get the chills when little Alma pops up here and there with your flashlight flickering out and Phantoms attacking you in the dark.

And the Cover to this game
As for that, that is my update in life.  I will get some more posted soon.  I think I am going to push myself to at least update you guys once a week instead of once every two months or so.