04 April 2012

Tablets! Tablets! and more Tablets!

Well I got my Transformer Prime.  I call him Optimus.  He is a beast.  I was able to use Splashtop THD to remote desktop into my PC titled "The Beast" and play Beta Diablo 3 the other day.  I would have to say that the performance is insane.  From a quad core clocked at 1.6, to 12 GPU cores this takes the cake as the fastest handheld device known to man.  Gaming is amazing with my Bluetooth controller hooked up to it.  I have played Deus Ex Human Revolutions to Assassin's Creed Brotherhood just fine on it.  The HDMI out also allowed me to play these games on our TV at our place.  If you are a gamer, or a basic user I highly suggest using one of these.  Also this tablet is the thinnest and lightest of any tablet out there.  Amazing (Yes that even means you people with "The New iPad")

Anyway, so I still have my T103 made by Velocity Cruz.  I have been attempting to build a custom ROM, but I am having issues with unyaffs being able to open the system.img.  I thought I could chagne the build.prop on the custom Port ROM, but no success... so I pop out the .zip for the T301 and it works just fine.  I even have a file hosted on RapidShare and I hope that I can get some guinea pigs who are willing to test my pre-alpha release.  IDK what whether it even boots, but its an ICS port from the Novo Basic (Another MiPS device.  Though it is a JZ4770 and ours are JZ4760)  We will see.

With those projects undergo, I have also started more detailed work on my novel.  I cut out a bunch of crap and it dropped down to 11,000 words on Sunday.  After some rework I am back up to 14,100 and still rocking.  I made it mobile, and anywhere I bring my tablet I have access to work on rewrites and clarification work.  People might complain now though because it does seem a bit longer.  Oh well though I hope that I can get published this December.  Brie and I bought the writers market 2012 and put focus into getting the book out there.  I will let you all know how that goes.