26 November 2016

Make simple money with InstaGC

I know I know another blog post about making money.  No I am not some crazy guy who just wants all the cash in the world.  I just figured this could be a good outlet to share my methods with friends and family who follow my blog, YouTube, or whatever else you want.

This site is called InstaGC.  I don't get quite as much money as I do with Swagbucks, so that is still my go to earner.  But InstaGC is low on resources when it comes to playing videos and less extensive.  there are only a few things to do on it and that makes it a little less intrusive and more passive than Swabucks, though once again not a top earner.

First start off by signing up here


After you get yourself started you will choose a goal of what gift card you are working towards.  hover over Earn at the top, and select watch videos.  There are 3 playlists.  Plain and simple just put it on and mute the tab.  You can float away and do other things while that just does its work in the background.  No micro managing or anything.  Occasionally the first playlist will run out of videos to play, so open the next one, and so forth.  Once all three are out refresh the page and start over again.  Plain and simple earning.

Hopefully you guys can get started with these two sites and earn some spare money like I have.  I intend to get my Nintendo Switch for free along with a few games by running these.  Let me know if you have questions and I will help you out!