15 November 2016

So I wrote a book, and published it!

So a lot has happened since we last talked on my blog.  I have been gone for quite some time.  Between work, a child, buying a house, moving around, figuring life out... I can now say I feel a little more settled than I have in the past 3 years.  I can't believe it has been that long everyone!  Holy cow...

So anyway I shared this with a bunch of you online that I was working on a novel for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and that it was going to be a romance story.  yes this was really weird for me too.  I don't write romance, I don't read romance, I don't normally have anything to do with romance stories because they are so fake and far from real life.  That is why it was a really hard challenge for me to expand my writing style into something I have never done before.  That was found through my book I titled "Escape".

Escape isn't the best book in the market, and honestly it isn't only 50K words which means it is relatively short.  The kind of book you find in paperback at airports for a fast read while on a ride home.  That's honestly the point.  It is more real, less drawn out, and aims straight for the point and for the heart.  I worked on it up until January 31st of 2016 and that is the publication date I chose to give it.  Here is the cover

Now those of you who are reading this blog will go "Hold up, that is written by Nathan Anderson... you are just lying to us all" let me explain.

I have been sitting with a publisher for the better part of a year hoping they will take my full length massive fantasy novel and I want it published under my name.  So I came up with another name for these shorter stories to make sure it didn't interfere with my other published works.  That way if you see this name you will know this is my name I choose to use for novella length stories I get out, and the ones under my real name are full length detailed novels.

Now you know my name is Tyson Young so where did Nathan Anderson come from?  My middle name is Andrew.  I spun it around with my first name to make Anderson 'Andrew' 'Son' get it?  So that makes sense.  I tried as best I could to use the T somewhere in the name, but nothing sounded organic so I slapped an H in there and went to town until Nathan came out.  So then became my new name for short novellas.

Here is a brief description for your pleasure

By Nathan Anderson

When young Kristina is so close to finishing school, she decides to get a job anywhere to get away from her pressing mother. A small music shop that is locally owned accepts her application, and from strange event to strange event she finds herself falling in love with one of the most unique people she has ever met. Will she have a chance to get away from her home town and controlling mother and realize her live as an artist or will she be stuck in the warm embrace of love and accept her life as it is?

If you are interested in getting a copy of this book it can be found everywhere!  I mean everywhere.

I know this is a shameless plug, but I need people to be aware that I am still working hard at what I promised I would do way back in the day.  I still want to become a full fledged full time author.  I am working on my second book titled "The Thirteenth Day" which is a horror thriller story and hopefully that can generate some more interest from a different crowd.

Anyway without further ado I hope that you all have a good evening and I will write you all soon enough!  For those of you who follow my YouTube account I plan on doing a little review of the book as well in future months to come, so remember to subscribe for more details on it!