20 January 2011


Well I am not much of a journal keeper, or am I much of an enthusiast for sharing every thing I do to people that have dedicated time to sit down and stalk me (Facebook, twitter, etc.). But for the sake of keeping reality in check for family members and friends who are interested in seeing where my life is progressing I will take the time out of my life to share with you my passions and desires.

For those of you who have not yet had the displeasure of getting to know me I will share a tidbit of my ideology. I am a dreamer who believes in living big. I love music, movies, dances, plays, shows, magic, and anything that mystifies and creates an alternate reality of what we are truly living. I aspire to be an artist in my life, no matter the aspect.

As a child my sister and I grew up and decided to write a story together that I have actually harbored for my own and decided to create it as my own. I hope that she isn't upset with me since she has been practically pouring over her own story for the past 10 years with one of her childhood friends.

Secondly I also write music with a friend of mine where we have actually recorded and I produced the CD. we are reaching a large fan base online and you can check out our music free on Facebook, last. FM, and pure volume. We have a small radio station set up online and we are working on a second album.

This site you are on is actually part of my second side project band titled a paper heart parade. A solo project not meant to overshadow the original band or take any thunder from it.

lastly I am an artist. I love drawing and watercoloring. nothing too special but I will share links at the end of this post if you feel like spending a couple more minutes exploring what I do, since I am more a visionary creature as apposed to one who is known through contextual meeting.

If you have questions I probably won't answer them but I hope that if you do decide to stalk me on this little posting that you get some pleasure and enjoyment from my rattlings. As for now I bid you Adieu my friends.


Fake Safety Tips the Band

My Personal Art