21 January 2011


I am a music enthusiast.  I have to say that I get all excited and butterflies when I see new albums of my favorite bands coming out.  I recently have dedicated my homepage of my web browser to PureVolume.com  Its a site focused on the new bands.  Mainly alternative rock but it has other fields in it if you are interested in peaking your head over (Both of the bands that I am promoting on this blog have pages with songs there).  Recently I saw posts from a band that made me super excited.  I then was able to listen to a sample portion and it has a lot of potential to be amazing!  Panic at the disco is a good band and I hope to get the fan base that is full of crazed enthusiasts like me.

Here is a link if you feel like checking them out a bit www.purevolume.com/panicatthedisco

anywhom as a side note of my music addiction I have thousands of gigabytes of Cd's on my computer.  I then choose to carry a few with me on my iPod, and I also have my songs all lined up on my laptop and work computer so I constantly have music at any given moment of the day.  Well due to the fact that I have an iPod I need to have iTunes.  This is a nightmare.  I hate that program so much, and it takes hours and days to try to organize your music.  Once that task is done its actually a very relaxed media player to use for every day tasks.  But when you import 80 plus gigs all at one time it takes forever to assign albums, song titles, and not to mention the horrid cluster of unknown artists that I get every time I copy music from my external hard drive.  So I finally organized my Work computer and am about 3/4 done with my laptop... but I still have my main personal computer to clean up.... oh the troubles of my life due to my vices.