04 September 2013

2nd Sucks

The Title taken from an amazing Day to Remember song, I can only agree that getting 2nd place in a video game is the worst.  I know it has nothing to do with the actual song, but the video shows kids playing a Mortal Kombat type game in an underground arcade.  Also at the beginning of the Song it says "Fight" just like they do in Mortal Kombat.  How great was that old Super Nintendo game by the way?

Anyway that has nothing to do with this post at all.  I have to confess a recent addiction to all of you.  I once dabbled into it a few years ago from a suggestion by a co-worker.  At the time he said that he said that it could be a problem in the future, but I didn't seem to care.  I dove right in and started trying it out.  At first I thought that it would be time consuming, and decided to stop for a while, but recently the itch began to resurface and I had to finally cave into my minds desire.

I am addicted to Bloons Tower Defense 5 by Ninja Kiwi

It is horrible how fast you can drain away a day trying to pop Balloons with Dart Monkeys, or missiles, or whatever you can afford.  You over see a path that the bloons travel on, and your goal is to pop them before then can go from point A to point B.  It doesn't sound like much, but if you have ever played a tower defense game in the past you know the basic logistics of it.

You have a few options of how to play if you are interested.  You can always Play the game in a web browser for free on Ninja Kiwi's site Here is a link

Or if you are like me you can buy it for your tablet or iPad.  I don't suggest playing on a phone because it is extremely tiny if you try that (I attempted on my Galaxy S2 and it wasn't really worth it) though you can use the iPod touch or iPhone for it I still wouldn't suggest it.
Available for iOS
Available on Google Play